Rio Chantal

The Apothecary Facial

Allow yourself to be deeply nourished with nature’s remedies. This bespoke treatment will be specially crafted  to meet your skins unique needs.  Your esthetician will asses your skins current condition and hand select + blend vital botanical remedies to nourish body, mind + spirit. We will cleanse, balance, exfoliate, mask, hydrate your skin while emphasizing facial massage to encourage circulation, toning, absorption and deep relaxation.

 You will emerge from your treatment renewed, nourished and balanced. 

All facials are customized and will address your specific skin concerns including sensitivity, acne, aging skin etc. 

40 minutes for $60

70 minutes for $90

90 minutes for $120

*please note, 40 minute facial does not include extractions.


Eyes -microcurrent, jade roller, mask, vitamin k

Lips - exfoliation, mask, microcurrent