Organic Micro-current Facials

The ultimate advanced holistic skin treatment.  A safe, relaxing and non invasive therapy, micro-current utilizes a tiny current of electricity to mimic the body's own electrical current. This sub-sensory current works in harmony with the body to tone facial muscles, detoxify tissues and stimulate the skin's natural healing response. Micro-current is an incredible and non- invasive means of re-educating the facial muscles, creating a natural lift and tone.  This treatment addresses fine lines, under eye circles and puffiness, loss of elasticity & volume, slack skin in the neck and jowl area, texture and skin vitality.  Micro-current is a safe,comfortable and rejuvenating way to awaken your inner glow. Treat yourself to a series for the most visible, lasting results.

Micro-current is a cumulative treatment. Choose a single treatment for a special event, or a package of 6-10 treatments with maintenance for the most dramatic results.  For optimal results, the first 4 sessions in a package should be done 2x per week, with weekly sessions to follow.

Firming, toning, replenishing.

$125 for 90 minutes /Five 90 minute sessions-$625/  Ten 90 minute sessions - $1050

Online scheduling

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