Therapeutic Massage

60 minutes • $70

Full body massage for balancing and relaxing the nervous system; a mindfulness meditation that soothes and balances.

90 minutes • $100

Full body massage + time for deeper, targeted work in areas that need more attention.  


Drawing on Swedish massage, energetic work, acupressure, myofascial release, deep tissue, sports massage, mindfulness practice, breath work and somatic traditions like yoga therapy and guided visualization, Lulu offers integrative massage catered to your individual needs.

Her core intention is to release restrictive layers so that you can expand into what makes you come alive. She is honored to be able to practice deep listening and present attention in relationship to her clients. Lulu operates around the philosophy that if we allow ourselves to get slow and quiet long enough as to sense and receive the undercurrents of the heart, to feel and honor the natural pace of the intelligent body, which knows its own seasons and cycles deep in the bones, we will experience all of who we are and thrive. Your body knows what it’s ready for, when it needs to wait, and when it’s time to take action! In ongoing sessions, once the clearing of restrictions has been initiated and the client is open to going deeper, we can journey into crossing the threshold to all of what is possible; all of YOU.


Strongly encouraged:

book ongoing sessions so the cumulative effects
of your embodiment work can reveal their magic.
It’s an evolution and a commitment to self love.
Try it, you’ll like it.


Meet Your Practitioner


Lulu Delphine LMT

Massage practitioner

Lulu Delphine has been charmed by the wisdom and expressive ability of the body since she started wiggling and dancing at age 3. Today, she delights in guiding diverse groups using movement as a means to community engagement, learning and individual wellness.

In alignment with her teaching, her bodywork sessions are catered to the client with a vision of bringing loving, present attention to each person with which she works. Much like her group work, she aims to explore the gifts of this somatic home of ours and unveil its potential as a vehicle for awareness, connection and creative expression. Lulu is passionate about assisting people to be embodied, alive, pain free, rested and resilient in the midst of all the challenges we face every day. She learns from each of her clients and considers it an honor to serve them in this capacity.

Lulu holds a Master of Education specializing in holistic and experiential learning, is a certified Body Now facilitator, massage therapist and registered yoga teacher.